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by early march. >> frigid party seven degrees in half moon bay. 39 and concord. the the seven- tomorrow but 37 right now what happened bay this warming trend will continue. finally, and we could finally get a bit more mild temperatures as this week progresses'. that stormtracker is well to the north of us we're not going to see any green. calm wind that combination is providing very chilly conditions. 28 in napa, 29 in santa rosa. 42 in san francisco. in vallejo, 29. 28 in fairfield. 30's in concord, pleasanton. this frees warning in effect and frost advisories for the bayshore. freezing in sunnyvale. that freeze warning and frost advisories continues. for the north bay, the inland valleys and the bayshore. take a look these frosty windshields. certainly, you are going to want to take your time tomorrow for the afternoon, temperatures are going to be improving. 50s for the most part. 56 in santa rosa. 54 and concord. they look at your extended forecast with warmer weather. but not tomorrow. it is still going to be chilly. temperatures will be on the up tech. low 60s. stay with us up te
a legendary head coach will step down. concord school is holding a press conference at 3:00 this afternoon. he told abc7 last month that he was contemplating retirement. everyone expected this will be the announcement. the 58-year-old has been the head coach of the spartans for 34 years leading to 29 section championships and led a team at one to 151-game ringing streak and last month he won the 4th straight state title. >> 49ers place kicker has taken a more serious turn. he is revealing about death threats to forced him to close twitter account. after 13 field goal attempts made him the tar guest loud boos and after getting threats on twitter and online he contacted the nfl and closed the twitter account. he says that no one is more disappointed in his season than he is. >> i am disappointed in myself and there is nothing i can do about it right now. cannot go to the past and try to get better and figure out what i can do. >> the 49ers have brought in another kicker who could replace him in the playoffs. >> the 49ers say there will be a limited number of tickets for the playoff game at candl
are headed southbound on 680 from concord to walnut creek, north main to 24, everything is moving at the limit, nicely done through the walnut creek area and this is 880 beyond the colisieum, right there on the left hand side of the freeway, looking southbound, you can see this has been taken, with the updates every 90 seconds so light traffic at nimitz, and another ramp closing south 280 to northbound 85 for road work, as well. >> you could have as much as $700,000 owed to you and not even know it. did you hear what i said? next what you need to know to claim that money. >> and some dedicated niners fans run into problem with their super bowl plans. but the 49 >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:13. leaders of the liberal opposition to egypt islamist president are calling for a dialogue this morning as violence threatens to collapse the government. this is new video from the town of port said where protesters are ignoring the cure -- curfew. 60 have been killed in the protests. there is concern of protecti
. 49 san francisco. 40s concord, east bay, temperatures are cooling off. 45 degrees in brentwood. 32 mount diablo. with the windchill 9 degrees is what it feels like. 46 san ramon. 46 pleasanton. the winter chill continues tonight but i think tonight will be the last night we have really cold weather. over night lows 20s for the valley locations and 30s around the bay area. mentioned this a few moments ago, a frost advisory for bay site communities, freeze warnings for the valley locations. look at what i expect tomorrow morning, cold start. santa rosa 27 degrees. 99 in napa -- 29 in napa. 27 fairfield. 26 antioch. san jose 32 degrees. 31 redwood city. san francisco 40 degrees. 35 oakland. the only thing i can say is we know what to expect, right? tomorrow morning, bundle up, it will be chilly. a slow warm up once again. 7:00 hour, pockets of whites, 20s. pink, 30s. 8:00 hour, low 40s. 30s continuing through 8:00. 9:00 better. 40s for most of us. inland valleys, sheltered from a stir of the atmosphere. and into the afternoon, temperatures warmer than today. it will be a day by day ev
the embarcadero in san francisco. and we're looking good now. temperatures, chilly in concord. 29 in santa rose, 31 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon, that ridge of high pressure going to bring lots of sunshine and, of course, sending that storm track north. so we are going to stay high and dry for at least the foreseeable feature at least the first part of the weekend and then things may begin to shift gears a little bit, otherwise fairly mild and dry toward the afternoon. 57 degrees in san jose. should be about 56 in santa rosa and about 53 degrees in san francisco. we'll have an extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. right now let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you very much, lawrence. i'm going to jump over to hayward. reports of a water main break reported at the intersection of jackson and santa clara. no word yet how many lanes are blocked or what exactly how serious thwart main break is. we have a photographer headed to the scene so we'll get you live pictures of the area in just the next few minutes. that's hayward, jackson and santa clara at that intersection
. as they continued to drop. santa rosa is at 28 degrees. it is 29 degrees for pleasanton and concord. if they are at the freezing mark in sunnyvale. it is clear conditions and there are no issues with a visibility. we do have a freeze won an affect and a frost advisory to 9:00 a.m.. you may need to scrape off your windshields as you had to work or school. >> the temperatures will still be warmer than yesterday. as we head into the evening hours we will see an increase in cloud cover. the national weather service is still debating whether they will issue a another freeze morning for tonight heading into tomorrow morning. regardless, the temperatures will be slightly warmer. here is your satellite and radar perspective. we do have rigid in a current over the area. this may set the skies will continue to be clear and that the storm will stay towards the north. >> we do have a light rain in the forecast for sunday. here is your future cast 4. 8:00 a.m. the sun will be out and we still will be contending with 30's. we are same low 40's around the heart of the bay area. as we set the clock
right to your visibility. right now we're dropping off in concord down to a quarter of a mile there. half mile of visibility is all that's available right now in santa rosa. we'll continue to drop off as we head throughout the morning hours. that's your clue to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely. now, when we finish off the day, some cities close to 70 degrees. stick around. your forecast looking good for tuesday. let's check the drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. let's start with a change to my report via bay bridge toll plaza. live shot as we pull to full screen. you see flashing lights at the top right of your screen. looks like trucks are backing up. no accidents reported. no crashes or any of that sort. maybe some construction crews. i will track that. it's just escaping our shot. i'll track it for you from the traffic center. back at the maps we'll talk about what christina said. a smooth flow of traffic right now. see the commute kicking in now through the morning commute as folks return to work. there's the fog for livermore and up through
and take away the frost. our temperatures today are 52 in antioch. 54 in concord and livermore and richmond and san francisco and san rafael and 56 in palo alto. to monterey bay mid-to-upper 50's and total sunshine, possibly a passing high cloud. the freezing temperatures are inland mostly in the mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore to the coast to san francisco. not much different than yesterday, with two areas of pressure sitting right there so not much will change until we move the cooler air mass off to the east tomorrow when we hit 60 around the bay. we will hit 60 everywhere on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday and the warmest days being this welcome end. >> in fremont, first reports of an accident at thornton northbound 880 blocking the middle lane. i am not seeing red sensors there and it is green getting by but we will follow that. in crockett we have mentioned the news of a fire at jackson street. i bring that up because it is near the union pacific tracks. the first capital corridor train out of second men -- second men to -- sacramento is set to leave at 5:30. e
in the 30's in oakland and concord the past hour, but the new members came in right after 11:00 so we updated then and here we are, now, in the 40's, finally. 47 in san jose, 48 in mountain view. we also saw 30's in the last hour in parts of monterey bay but santa cruz is getting up to 41 degrees but it is still cold. this is what you normally expect the low for the morning. it will be slightly warmer today. it will not be as chilly. you notice the trend continuing into the weekend where we will see much milder numbers for temperatures for highs during the day and overnight lows, as well. this morning, this is a preliminary number, san francisco had a low of 40. that was the mildest spot. we had a lot of 20's in the bay area. 26 in fairfield. napa county airport is at 20. concord and livermore, chilly at 28. today we will warm up into the mid-50's. we will be a few degrees compared to yesterday. some upper 70's, and 54 in san francisco. 57 in oakland. 56 in san jose. upper 50's around santa cruz. 68 in salinas. compared to average we are getting closer. in oakland, about average for t
and concord the past hour, but thenew members came in right after 11:00 so we updated then and here we are, now, in the 40's, finally. 47 in san jose, 48 in mountain view. we also saw 30's in the last hour in parts of monterey bay but santa cruz is getting up to 41 degrees but it is still cold. this is what you normally expect the low for the morning. it will be slightly warmer today. it will not be as chilly. you notice the trend continuing into the weekend where we will see much milder numbers for temperatures for highs during the day and overnight lows, as well. this morning, this is a preliminary number, san francisco had a low of 40. that was the mildest spot. we had a lot of 20's in the bay area. 26 in fairfield. napa county airport is at 20. concord and livermore, chilly at 28. today we will warm up into the mid-50's. we will be a few degrees compared to yesterday. some upper 70's, and 54 in san francisco. 57 in oakland. 56 in san jose. upper 50's around santa cruz. 68 in salinas. compared to average we are getting closer. in oakland, about average for today. other areas just a few
:00. >> concord police say they've arrested a man who pretended to be selling an iphone and then robbed a potential buyer. the robber put an ad on craigslist for an iphone 5. he then met a buyer at a parking lot in concord last night where he stole the buyer's money at gunpoint. the victim calmed police. a short time later officers stopped the suspect's vehicle on interstate 780 and took them into custody. >> in san francisco city leaders joined human rights activists to mark the launch of human trafficking awareness month. the campaign is meant to shed light on the issue of human trafficking. something mayor ed lee says affects a lot of people. >> many of our roots are from immigrant families. we understand what the problem is. and now it's a matter of getting enough people together to do something about it. >> mayor lee says he wants to provide support for human trafficking and go after predators. the campaign runs through february 12th. >>> a midnight deadline is looming for more than a hundred boaters at a marina. new at 6, ktvu's john fowler talked to the residents and those who ar
. 32 in santa rosa and novato. 35 in livermore and 34 in concord. it will be another cold night as the preceding nights when we had freeze warnings and frost advisories. these are the forecast features. a cold snap ends tonight. we will see sunnier and mild weather and it will continue to get milder through the weekend and into early next week. first we have tonight's overnight cold to contend with. low temperatures will drop down to 30 and napa 31 and santa rosa and concord 30 and vallejo 28 the expected morning low at fairfield. 32 in antioch and 32 morgan hill. as you can see it is going to be cold in the interior valleys. even chilly to cold around the bay shoreline with lows in the 30s as well. san francisco will be the mild spot with a low of 42 degrees. we had one cold air mass with the center of high pressure that shifted inland. there -- this will be a much milder air mass. skies will remain sunny for the next six or seven days with the milder afternoons we have seen of late. let's start with the south bay tomorrow under sunny skieses and the high temperatures will clim
. 35 in livermore and 34 in concord. it will be another cold night as the preceding nights when we had freeze warnings and frost advisories. these are the forecast features. a cold snap ends tonight. we will see sunnier and mild weather and it will continue to get milder through the weekend and into early next week. first we have tonight's overnight cold to contend with. low temperatures will drop down to 30 and napa 31 and santa rosa and concord 30 and vallejo 28 the expected morning low at fairfield. 32 in antioch and 32 morgan hill. as you can see it is going to be cold in the interior valleys. even chilly to cold around the bay shoreline with lows in the 30s as well. san francisco will be the mild spot with a low of 42 degrees. we had one cold air mass with the center of high pressure that shifted inland. there -- this will be a much milder air mass. skies will remain sunny for the next six or seven days with the milder afternoons we have seen of late. let's start with the south bay tomorrow under sunny skieses and the high temperatures will climb into the upper 50s at santa clara
in concord has reached a $150,000 settlement with the brentwood school district after their special needs son was thrown to the ground and kicked by his teacher. >> i still live with the fact that he went to school two days alone back to her after she did that to him. >> this happened back in 2010. the teacher, deana hold er, was convicted of misdemeanor child abuse. the family's attorney says it could have been prevented had the district acted on a long list of prior complaints about her behavior. >>> checking out bay area headlines, the family of san jose's first homicide victim of the year is appealing for answers. 34-year-old ivan segura was found shot to death outside a house on trippoly avenue saturday. >> i have a daughter, 5-year-old, and she's asking for him, and i don't know how to answer. from my heart, my sister's heart, from my little niece, we want to have an answer. >> police have no suspects and few clues. there is a $1,000 reward for any relevant information. >>> and two suspects are in custody after trying to rob a jewelry store in menloe park. a group of four men hit the pl
had a lot of frost. look at the 20's, fairfield, concord, napa, sonoma, novato, we had 32 around san jose so the temperatures there were also getting close to that frosty level. now, right now we are in the 40's in santa rosa and fairfield and everyone else low-to-mid 50's and san francisco is 58 and already 63 at half moon bay and monterey at 60, and santa cruz is cooler at 52. more warming today, more poor air quality and this will continue all the way through the weekend and more likely we will have more "spare the air" days with rough surf that will build through the weekend when it climaxes on sunday. our next rain is possibly next week. if we do not get it next week, it could be next month. now, what is happening today, san francisco is 63 and the same as yesterday, and 1 degrees to 4 degrees warmer from concord to fremont, above average from 60 at fairfield, to concord at 66. inland is warmer at holster at 70. tonight, frosty inland, but san francisco is the warm spot at 44. the beach has arrest -- hazard is right afternoon for the sneaker waves. saturday at 10:00 a.m. to sund
of the beer on the menu at this popular concord bar but customers at ej fair never expected drinking here would mean getting their wallets wiped out. >> we had four or five charges, 2 to $300 each. >> reporter: the manager says it happened to several hundred people and what they all have in common is they used their credit cards at his bar in the past few months. >> basically anyone that used their card here from september on, till about the saturday after thanksgiving, had their card compromised. >> reporter: it was by a sophisticated worm possibly through the system's wi-fi. they started racking up charges all over the world. >> i heard some instances of physical cards being used, someone was making copies of cards. >> i got these charges on my account which was saying that i recently charged money in mexico. >> dubai and england. no way to track it. >> reporter: concord police are investigating it but they're struggling to find the culprit. ej fair has upgraded its system and temporarily shut down the wi-fi. >> we're back up and running, everything is safe. >> reporter: but months afte
locations, concord and antioch, brentwood today mid to upper 40s. you will be a little warmer for your monday afternoon. right now we have 38 degrees already in napa. 39 santa rosa. 49 in san francisco. it's still 50 at half moon bay. you see san jose and livermore 40 degrees. i wanted to show you the visibility, because the dense ground fog will be with us for the early commute. three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa right now and that fog is drifting by the novato area redo dues go it to quarter of a mile in some locations. concord is reporting light fog as well as the livermore valley area. these are definitely areas that will be affected by early tomorrow morning. we're going to cold temperatures overnight because of the clearing has taken place. patchy dense fog and dry and warmer the next few dies and then by mid-week, temperatures will start to drop and we will introduce a chance of showers. overnight, temperatures mid to upper 30s in the north bay. that is where the fog will be persistent in the valley areas. 40s elsewhere. 38 for antioch, 36 for livermore. this is the rainmake
. >> something we didn't know, you are a local man you grew up in concord. >> out of my hotel room i could see many places i've worked in san francisco. >> no kidding, really. >> years i worked at the corner of turk and hine street it was called the blind clock. >> and we're going back into the early 50s. the late 40s and late 50s. >> sure, yes. >> i think when people think of jazz they feel that new orleans and chicago and new york i don't think people associate concord and the bay area a lot with jazz and you've told me that's wrong. >> sure, some of the leading movements of today came out of stockton california. gill evans who is considered next to duke ellington the greatest composer came out of -- if you don't know dell courtney you don't know san francisco music. and another anson weeks came out of here. and his son played any band. paul desmond. >> paul desmond played with you for so many years. >> the collins brothers we all came out of this area. there was a lot going on here in the 50s. this whole city almost dominated what was going on in the country. mortsal. the inston trio. >> no
with a similar pocket are >> cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning. 4:41 on abc7 only news. you are looking outside right now at the weather conditions. this is berkeley, interstate 80. the traffic is moving along fine. in volume problems yet. friday lite, but so is monitoring things because they will change and usually not for the better. we will check with her in a couple of minutes. >> series of concerts to benefit the giants fan nearly beaten to death in 2001 continues tonight in mill valley. >> hundreds of supporters went to the benefit concert for the fund at the fox theater in redwood city last night. san francisco giants third base coach and his band, the lunatic fringe put on the show. he started fundraising a year ago. he has raised $70,000, just a fraction of the medical costs. >> money i to people is to keep lights on, food on the table, you know, there are millions and millions of dollars if rehabilitation costs and this is not something that -- it is not the influence. it doesn't go away. >> in addition to playing in mill valley
for the month have been well below normal. san jose 5.5 degrees below normal, concord and san francisco 3 degrees below normal. after tonight things change. when the 60s come back to the forecast in a few minutes. >>> thank you paul. it will be a cold night for dozens of people in larks burg. about 30 customers still don't have power after a big redwood tree came crashing down the 150- foot tree took down utility linesmashed into a house. the tree's roots were decayed and pg and e crews are working through the night they expect to have power back on by 7:00 a.m. >>> watch out for black ice. this is why. this is what happened in berkeley, one car hit a patch of black ice, lost control, and set off a chain reaction pile up near the claire mount resort. 7 cars crashed. fortunately no one was hurt. >>> a sudden surge in gang violence has turned the streets of oakland into a war zone. there have been 16 shootings in the past 3 days. the latest just 3 hours ago. four of the victims have been killed all within a 6 hour stretch that was friday. police say the b
in san francisco but 37 in livermore and santa rosa. in the middle we find oakland at 49. concord, 39. and san jose, currently 42. rough surf at the coast. watch out for that all weekend long. some isolated spots may get up to 20 feet. watch out for those waves and a high risk of rip currents. bottom line, swim with caution all weekend long. our hi-def doppler is showing dry conditions for the eighth straight day. it's been very dry. january, only a quarter of an inch of rainfall for concord. in december, you had 5 inches of rain. this month we have a big ridge of high pressure. it's not moving, so the forecast isn't going to change for the upcoming holiday weekend. the high pressure center is just off to our west. that means sunshine, dry, mild through the holiday weekend. tuesday as well. pattern is going to change earlier than we thought, though. there will be a weak front moving through, giving us showers on wednesday. so cooler, cloudier, chance of rain next week. but your hoistled is going to be -- your holiday is going to be great. w
into concord. from the central valley and over the pass you are looking good there, as well. kristen and eric? >> the bar pilot who crashed the tanker into a bay bridgetower is in the spot light as the probe begins into what could be a disasterous accident. we are live on treasure island. >> they will talk to the bar pilot today, after having toxicology tests. they will check out the ship and they will revisit the environmental conditions on the bay yesterday at noon when the 751' oil tanker, you can see it right there, anchored between treasure island and alcatraz and sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. look where it sideswiped the tower, closest to the island on the san francisco side. it damaged the hull. this is a double-hulled ship. but this is being described as "close call" by the environmental groups. >> the currents are moving fast and a lot of damage can happen when oil is on the water. >> abc7 has come up with information on the bar pilot. he is 61-year-old guy kleess with 30 years of maritime experience mostly on oil tappers for exxon and became a bar pilot in 2005 and in 2010 h
out there but it is not as cold as yesterday. freezing in fairfield and concord and 34 in napa and sap that rosa and mid-to-upper 30's for the bay shore. we have fog forming so there is a chance of black ice. be careful. we have had accidents. more high clouds and sunshine and low to upper 50's this afternoon. an update on the rainfall in a moment. >> pretty quiet out there on a friday morning with a live look from the east on 580 it is looking good from the south to the north on 880, that is good and so is 80 eastbound funneling into the bay bridge toll plaza. road work on the dumbarton bridge should be picked up any time westbound with slowing eastbound direction. we have debris in lanes two and three southbound 87. cars are swerving there to avoid that. >> crews have been installing on the bay bridge the largest light sculpture. our reporter is live in san francisco with a look at the first segment of the project. >> a lot of you watching this are just starting the day. they are up there wrapping their day up working all night, installing the first of 25,000 l.e.d. lights wi
bills. it is part of a move to have machines do more of what tellers used to do. cupertino, concord and wine country, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, disturbing surveillance video from philadelphia showing an attacker throwing a woman on to the subway tracks. police say this attack happened tuesday afternoon. a man began to beat a young woman before dragging her by the ankles and throwing her on to the train tracks below. the woman managed to climb back on the platform as the man walked away with her phone. the suspect was arrested yesterday and the victim suffered over bumps and bruises. >> united is trying to raise ticket prices for the second time this year. yesterday united announced they are raising fares up to $10 each way saying this has nothing to do with the grounding of the dreamliner jets. they own six dreamliners. first attempt was january 3 they raised fares $5 but other carriers did not follow suit so they brought their fares back down. >> if you plan to buy a gift card watch out this is warning on fees, and stealing money from the crowds. the sheriff says that
of sonoma. look at that concord 29. fairfield 27. napa 29. there is cold numbers but it will be sunny today and a little bit warmer. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. this is a live look at downtown san jose. northbound 280 coming right through. you can see the traffic is moving along very nicely all the way into the silicon valley or into the west valley. let's move along and take a look at westbound 92 that looks good. now back to the desk. >>> time now 6:01 developing news we've been on this since 4:30. there is a water main break in hayward. ktvu alex savidge was there first. he's with us now. what is happening and he's checking on things as we're speaking to him. when i get your attention, i want to know what is happening now. i can see the street over your shoulder and how is traffic effected? >> reporter: traffic is still a problem here. several lanes shut down in both directions here at the intersection of jackson and santa clara street. as you can well see water still pouring up out of the roadway. this has been going on for the last 2.5 hours. this water main burst early this
. >> i remember there was a letter that was published after the battle of lexington and concord that talks about the british soldiers coming to the parsonage in lexington and rampaging through and killing the barnyard animals. that never happened. there's a letter about the battle of bunker hill that says that general howe, as soon as the soldiers reached charlestown can seldom try tried to desert and run away, and he had to them strung up immediately on greasy. that didn't happen. the potentially propaganda, but todd is right, the printers tried to provide their readers with what they felt was accurate information. it was just that it -- it was as accurate as they listed. and on the fair site, at one point some letters from john adams and benjamin harris, to counter no congress delegates, were sent up to boston they were brought by a young lawyer who was captured at the bridge got hold of these documents, and they publish them. and the john adams letters were just -- they didn't change anything in them but in the harrison letter, they change it to make it look as if george wash
think fog will be back here santa rosa 27, fairfield, concord walnut creek knap that novato -- napa novato, it doesn't mean they will not dip into the 30s and i think concord had some and same will happen again today. mostly clear skies and now we are putting in a few 60s. that helps the coast, passive can. although 62 and santa rosa 54. fog sun mild to warm taking it to the weekend coast and bay. >>> it is another spare the air day. that means wood person burning or firing up anything, those caught violating the ban face fines starting at $100. this year they are not giving warnings. >>> coming up, new concerns about levee safety, seven years after the conference. >>> and they are looking at a problem involving pharmacies. >>> traffic looks good driving to the willow pass grade we will tell you about the bay area weather coming up. . >> good morning, 20s, 30s and 40s still sunny and mild. >>> seaside heights boardwalk will be rebuilt. >> rides will be destroyed and the beach has been closed and guarded by police since then. last night the city was awarded $3 million to fix up the a
, and 29 in redwood city and 30 at napa and 31 at santa rosa and southeast to frost at concord at 33 and everyone else is mid-to-upper 30's but san francisco is 41 degrees of the everyone was freezing an the monterey bay but now santa cruz is 33 and monterey is 38. moving forward, chilled sunshine and temperatures well below average again and do not forget the breeze especially the closer you are to water. it will be frosty inland tonight and tomorrow and the warmer afternoons will translate into remain warmer mornings starting on thursday and through the weekend. total sunshine today, breezy. especially brisk along the coast. it is 50 at half moon bay, one of the coolest spots. and in antioch, and livermore, not making it out of the 40's today of the oakland and santa rosa is 53, the warmer spots and 51 in san francisco and 52 in shows and 50 to 53 inland from the monterey bay. more 20's and 30's tonight, and calmer and colder during the overnight hours. look the at areas of high pressure, dominating our weather, and the cold one overland right now, and the we warmer over the ocean
-mile visibility at livermore and quarter of a mile in concord so the north bay is sliding to the east and quarter-mile visibility at santa rosa, and close to two miles visibility in novato and ten mile visibility at sfo. in the 30's in the north and east bay locations and antioch is at 37 and 47, though in san francisco. 48 in half moon bay. 41 in redwood city. areas of fog this morning, it lits by lunch so get ready for warming this afternoon. temperatures across the bay area climbing into the mid-to-low 60's. enjoy it. the colder temperatures arrive today. 53 for a high in santa rosa and 60 in concord. oakland will warm to 62. the peninsula in the low 60's. palo alto is 62 and gilroy will be 65 with hazy sunshine. now, what to expect today, high pressure will bring us hazy sun and warm us up but tomorrow, cold air will move in and temperatures will drop by five to eight degrees across the bay area. by wednesday, you can see a cold front slides to the bay area and a slight chance of a shower or two and north of the golden gate bridge and on thursday, boy, the sharp blast of cold air settles acro
. we could have a couple more on saturday and sunday. 27 in sap that rose and 30 in napa and concord. those are the only stations freezing. mid-to-upper 30's in fremont and redwood city and low-to-mid 40's in oakland and novato of the san francisco is 48. temperature of 31 in gilroy to 45 in salinas, the extremes around monterey bay. more warming. more poor air quality. rough surf today. worst through the weekend. next chance of rain possibly is in two weeks -- next month. we are four degrees warmer in napa than average, san francisco is five degrees warmer, and live more and oakland seven degrees warmer-than-average this afternoon. if you get a chance to step out, low-to-mid 60's at fremont at 66. monterey bay, too. and a few 70's around salinas. tonight, we will have frost inland. but not around the bay and to the coast with mid-30's to low 40s. sneaker waves possibility tonight through tomorrow morning. and steady big waves saturday at 10:00 through sunday at 4:00 p.m. so saturday 10:00 a.m. until sunday 4:00 p.m. and in the middle of that is maverick at half moon bay. you are in
currently. it is 29 right now in concord and it is a very cold start for the morning. i will have more coming up in just a bit. >> we continue our team coverage so low reporter with mike pelton was live in livermore. >> the key is getting colder outside in livermore. the temperature is now 27 degrees. it is very cold in chilly this morning. i have seen a few people out for a montmorning run or a job. they told me that the cold weather does not bother them. >> i just dressed appropriately and when i get home i described the heat up. >> you have the jacket, the be me. >> i have more than that. i have all two sweaters. >> i suppose you cannot let the cold bother you if you're willing to come out this early. when you look at how empty the streets are. this bank signed a showing 27 degrees. some people are choosing to just say inside and stay under their covers. >> we are getting our first report of black eyes this morning. north bound to a just south. there was a spinoff due to the icy conditions. as we take it outside to the toll plaza we are starting to see a back up form. fasttrack is s
the view of highway 4 and it is a lot busier coming up to concord. now there is a backup and this didn't happen, well it happened a little bit, and there is a little bit of a backup let's go to steve. >>> it is probably something like me will notice and not much change tomorrow, i look out 7, 10 and 15 days except for this weekend t- cold and mostly -- it is cold and mostly dry. in fact, the middle of the month looks very dry and very cold this morning, areas of frost, inland valleys, 32 degrees and you can see the slow headed to portland and seattle. 27 in santa rosa walnut creek 39 and even half-moon bay is 40, up in lake tahoe it is 40. 27 in sacramento, mostly sunny today again with high clouds and i think we will have plenty of sunshine. temperatures are recovering, a few in the lower 60s and also in the santa clara valley. nice to mild in the afternoon and again the afternoon days are getting a little bit longer. 52 to 56 to the north and then about 55 to 63 and that's 63 in capitoa, 16 gilroy and 62. tomorrow looks good but not much else on the weekend. >>> official don't want y
is the same if not warmer. that puts us frosty around fairfield at 31 and concord at 32 and everyone else in the upper 30's to low 40's. the next couple of days show showers possible tomorrow. cooler weather on thursday and friday. sue? >> good morning, mike. slow traffic north 101 in san jose beyond julian because of an accident on the shoulder. can you see speeds under 30 miles per hour. north 1121 at highway 116 in sonoma area an accident partly blocking the northbound lane of 121. seminary avenue at east 17th in oakland, ongoing police activity and investigation, asking you stay out of that area in the city of oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights on early and backing to the macarthur maze and a new stall block a fast track lane. kristen and eric? >> we will keep an eye on that. authorities in nevada could identify the 20 year police veteran accused of killing his wife and child before taking his life in boulder city 20 miles southeast of las vegas. police responded to a home early in the morning after a man called 9-1-1 and claimed he killed his wife and child. off
yesterday, upper 50s to lower 60s in the forecast, 51 in concord 51 san rafael, upper 40s in napa. not a bad start, very similar to how we started yesterday. into the afternoon, 63 for hayward, 63 san francisco, 61 mountain view and 60 napa and santa rosa and perhaps 'outside shower as well. we are looking at mainly clear conditions and there is another shot at some rain and it looks to be a dryer system but a cooler system. temperatures are in the upper 60s and partly cloudy skies and dry on monday. >>> one california school district has some parents very upset. >>> also why lance armstrong's best selling books are now the target of a class action lawsuit. >>> traffic looks good, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the wet roads. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then give
ranging from the sugar of 18,642,000 concorde and bunker hill. it's an hour and 15. >> it's an honor to be speaking at the old state house. thank you for coming. thank you to the tv and c-span for joining us here. about three weeks into the design of "reporting the revolutionary war," we realized we were on pace to producing 800 page from a two-inch thick volume and so we quickly cut corners and retrace our steps and decided to scale back and produce what is now a 400 page full-color book for you. similarly, i prepare to fight our presentation for this evening and decided to scale back back to him are manageable 45 minutes. so i'll start by saying that without these papers, there would have been no american revolution. newspapers are what fan the flames of rebellion, sustained loyalty to the cause, provide critical correspondence during the war and ultimately aided in the outcome. historians know this very well. for 200 plus years, historians have referenced newspapers in the fitness of their analysis and interpretation. what this book does is invert the traditional history book, tak
and comfortable inside the studio. different story in walnut creek and in concord. you saw the skating rink around walnut creek. you could probably start your own right now. concord 30. 39 in san jose. very interesting tonight, we do have some winds out of the north which are keeping some of the temperatures up around the north bay an out towards the delta. but with the wind and that cold air we have the windchill factor in effect tonight. we've got a feels like temperature combining the wind speed and the air temperature already feeling like the low 30s inland around the bay area. frost advisory tonight for san francisco but bay area wide, including the inner east bay and oakland. freeze warning for some of the coldest temperatures by tomorrow morning. especially south of san jose into the mid to upper 20s as you wake up tomorrow morning, so you could have some patchy ice or frost and another change we're seeing in the forecast now it looks like the chilly temperatures and subfreezing temperatures are going to be sticking around longer now in our seven-day forecast. looking at that coming up in t
. >> we are watching the visibility napa run thbay area. are run the bay area, concord, fairfield, not that bad. and we are expecting dense fog over the golden gate. at the peninsula, and the east bay shore and as well as the assault bay. the east bay and the valleys reproduced visibility with one quarter or less at times. definitely, giving yourself some extra time. reduced visibility and the slow down. the dense fog advisory and our next chance of rainfall, coming up. >> pam: still ahead at eight. the u.s. supreme court reveals when it will hear arguments in the legal challenge to california's ban on same sex marriage. >> president obama lines up replacements for keyhowever, one name is already capitol hill. >> and. want to go to the 49-ers playoff game on saturday? good luck getting a seat. a look at how much money ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that th
ice, it feels colder to me than it did and some of that low temperatures, 28 concord, livermore 29 degrees and a half moon bay area for the 23, 34 san jose, that is at moffett, 28 fso and temperatures in the mountains are very cold. steer row in tahoe. 27 in ukiah a. everybody is in on the cold party. maybe few mostly cloudies but other than that. except for those higher clouds they are not stopping that cold air from settling in. so mostly sunny, temperatures upper 50s to near 60s for some. san jose is in there, santa cruz yesterday was 63. cold morning sunny on friday and we will have mostly cloudy to cloudy on sunday and we will have sunny fair cool mornings on monday. >>> so far 2013, the bay area has been banned from burning wood and today it is strong if i discouraged but it's not illegal today. today will be the first day without a spare the air alert. they do hope that the warning will have them calling more spill the air date. >>> back on the ice. you have a rivered cross and you've either got to build a bridge or do something else. >> well, the time is running out to save
can catch fire. our >> cupertino, wine country and concord and all the bay area. >> after a sig-alert accident involving a big rig that took out a guardrail, can you see big rig is still there, and guardrail splintered all over and debris in the lane and traffic backed up in the northbound direction to sunnyvale. take 280 or highway 85 or caltrain to get northbound beyond the accident. we will have more in a couple of minutes but first, kristen and eric. >> and now another danger, you think your appliances are safe, but an investigation finds they are not always safe. >> michael finney has microwave models that can catch on fire. >> the high school condos are in a lovely landmark building, but a tenant is afraid for his safety. the board says he is 110 resident whose reported the microwaves that started on their own and in one case, caused electrical problems. >> i feel unsafe when i hear other stories of the sparking being so intense that it sounded similar to fireworks. >> this is the aftermath of a fire in a florida home that started in a microwave not in use according to the
of those 20s, a lot more 20s. 32 in concord. they were 28 yesterday. walnut creek was 27 yesterday. 33 livermore. san jose, 38. that's warmer than yesterday. santa rosa, the coldest at 31. they also have a bit of a west wind at 5 miles an hour. the windchill is 26 along with fog, 9 in tahoe. they were zero at this time yesterday. 30 ukiah. fog out to the valley. anybody traveling on the 5, watch pout for that -- ouch out for that fog. this system -- watch out for that fog. this system is splitting. that will give us increasing clouds and rain. i don't think a lot. maybe .25 or .50 at the most. i'm not feeling it like this one. >> patchy fog, high clouds, highs -- highs today, 50s, 60s. some of that patchy fog, and again, 50s on the temperatures. the east wind coming in from the valley. upper 50s , low 60s. >>> an albanian family facing burglary charges. they are accused of trying to shoplift from nord some's in palo alto. police say a 52-year-old man, his wife and daughter stole men clothing from the store on december 27th. the store says the family came back and stole a coach purse. e
a record here. 27 concord. 25 in livermore. 29 for you san jose. waking up below freezing you're included in the freeze warning. alistening the peninsula 39 san francisco. this looks to be the warmer spot. san francisco is holding on to 40 degrees up until a half hour or 45 minutes ago. 33 in redwood city. mountain view and palo alto you can bet you are freezing. frost advisory for the bay area lasting until 8:00 this morning. the freeze warning for our inland locations north, east, and south as i showed you a moment ago looking at and filling the wide-spread 20s. pacific satellite view not a lot of change going on. still within this pattern. the north westerly and northerly flow remains over the state. we have a trough to the east. ridge of high pressure to the west. in fact, it is so -- it goes way up toward alaska. this ridge is eventually going to nudge our way. going to bring our temperatures up. but we will remain with this cold spell. especially for the overnight hours. in a nutshell we are mostly clear. freezing this morning. our afternoon a near repeat of what we felt yesterday.
traffic looks ok in concord. 38 degrees. mid-60s for the highs. 64 for concord. [ malema announnncer ]er everyderay tho tandsanf pef e le are choochsing angil®i. my nam ne is tisaho oand i'd m a fia guy g it'sit a lab l of ove. ve's a't otof lofor aor it' ia loa of lo. i doi n't net to t to te gy my job iobs my wmykoutko you're srehovelive ice i all aly loy . it's r'sough oghn the thckk it'sitoughoun thn i get mut scle alees aes ove o advilvi® is greagr pain ainnd sor senesses is jist out of tof pic [ male alennouncou ] ] make tkehe swi sh. taketactioct tak tadviad®. and fod r sinusis congcotionti now you yocan gen adviad® combd d with a p aroven vecongcotana breabrthe eae er werh adh l®l congcoestiontielieel now you yocan gen adviad® combd d with a p aroven vecongcotana mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments. >> welcome back. republican jchuck hagel , president obama now major defense secretary, is facing gop critics let challenged the past comments on israel, iran and nuclear weapons. the former to term sen
especially toward the afternoon. should become mostly sunny. right now 39 degrees and chilly into concord. 32 and freezing in santa rosa. and 46 degrees partly cloudy skies into san francisco. this afternoon, expecting mostly sunny skies. temperatures going to stay cool though. highs only to about 50 degrees in concord. 51 in livermore. maybe about 54 degrees in san jose. we'll have more on your weather in am. >> right now let's check the roads with gianna. >>> we'll update you on the south bay. last report we were talking about a wrong-way driver on 280 connecting over to guadalupe parkway. i just checked in with chp and looks like the vehicle is on the shoulder. chp is on the scene. slight spectator slowing but overall things are quiet on the guadalupe parkway. 280 no delays the rest of the south bay problem-free. live look at 880/237, still a six-minute ride westbound 237 between 880 and 101. an accident east 80 at the cordelia truck scales on the shoulder. one vehicle went down the embankment. a little bit of yellow on sensors. chp is on scene, no blockages, spectator slowing past the acc
and concord. but it is going to get a lot colder. i do not really think that the futurecast is in agreement. the north bay could be 20's but 30's for the rest of the bay area. and i think temperatures will be in the 50s for most of the bay area. 40's for the delta. 2:00 p.m., 50s with and again cold tomorrow night. 26 in napa, fairfield and 29 in concord, pleasanton. 28 degrees in livermore with 30's in vallejo. 33 and of san jose. 35 degrees in half moon bay. cold with a freeze warning for the entire north bay. temperatures between 26 degrees there will be some freezing for several hours. dangerous conditions. and if you want to bring in your family pets inside and i see windshield. a frosted vice results of been issued for the east bayshore. frosty- advisory's -- issued for the east bay. and giving your so some extra time tomorrow. before you go out tomorrow morning and in the afternoon is not going to be that warm similar to look at your extended forecast. chile on thursday morning but temperatures are going to be warming up. and it definitely, a bit more reasonable. 40 degrees in the 60
mild but cold temperatures. clear skies. however, take a look at santa rosa, 25 degrees. 26 in concord, pleasanton. we have seen a sub-freezing temperatures. and currently 30's in fremont and sunnyvale. and similar to yesterday with 40's and '50's. low 50s for the east bay shore and the south bay. 48 through livermore. and the same combination of 40's and '50's. 50s through no vato your full forecast is coming up. >> just on time! look at that, 25 degrees. add the bay area heaters it was a frigid night and it is going to continue to be chilly. to get you more news faster temperatures plunged. it was another frigid night around be chilly this morning. to get you more news faster, let's turn to our solo reporter. kron four's mike pelton live in walnut creek. >> temperatures continue to drop. technically the freeze warning expires at 8:00 a.m. but you can see temperatures well below freezing in portions of the east bay. as we can see some of these deserted streets that is main street. not a lot of people walking out. but i did see some people perhaps about 10-15 minutes ago. let me show y
things up. really chilly in santa rosa. below freezing in the north bay. 31 through vallejo, concord and fairfield warming up pretty quickly along the coast. let us take a look of the thames by 10:00 a.m., plenty of 50s indicated by the light blue. we are going to see some green on your screen starting in the north bay. for those headed out if this evening temperatures are going to be mainly along the peninsula and the east bay shore. let us take a look at those numbers in the south bay. 67 degrees through los gatos, campbell. 64 degrees in livermore mid-60s and the castro valley. 64 degrees expected in san bruno and the north bay where we're getting low mid-60s. your 7 day around the bay with changes. another round of rain for your weekend. >> thousands of gun advocates gathered across the country saturday to rally *against tougher limits on firearms. you're looking at video of gun supporters rallying in springfield, illinois yesterday. the group in charge of the rally, "guns across america", says the event was intended to show lawmakers how much they oppose new gun control efforts
on the price point. >> reporter: ryan taylor is a realtor in the concord-walnut creek area. he says the escalating prices are not necessarily good news if you are looking to buy. >> over and over again i have been beat out with my buyers writing offers 20 to $50,000 over asking and still not being the best offer. >> reporter: taylor is helping kelly kennedy sell her concord home. he estimates its value has risen almost 2$00,000 since the low point in 2009. kennedy is happy about that but -- >> i'm very nervous about selling and then having nothing to buy. if the market takes off, i might get caught in a bad situation. but it's a risk i'm willing to take. >> reporter: we have an interesting perception about real estate. when we hear that home prices are up by 32% in a year, we consider that good news. but if the price of a loaf of bread went up by 32%, we would think that was terrible! so is this increase a good thing? >> a good solid number would probably be more like 10%. that would be a good for market, sellers and buyers and the economy ove
but right now it's 29 degrees in concord and cold there. 33 in san jose. 38 in oakland. 29 degrees in santa rosa and 29 also in the napa valley. the good news is by the afternoon i think today the beginning of temperatures running up in the 60s in many spots. about 61 in san jose. 60 in morgan hill. about 60 degrees and sunny in sunnyvale. as you make your way to the east bay maybe not quite as warm but not bad. 57 degrees in pleasanton. 57 in livermore. and about 56 degrees in concord. inside the bay we'll find some sunshine too and temperatures as high as 60 degrees in oakland. 57 in san francisco. a little bit of a sea breeze in toward the afternoon. but the weather looks like it's going to get nicer over the next few days. high pressure building in and it's a very strong ridge so likely going to see some mid- 60s some places maybe even warmer than that through friday and saturday staying nice and dry right through the weekend. in fact, no rain for the next five to zen days but elizabeth, that may all change next week. >> no. >> yes! i thin
francisco 47. low '40's in hayward. mid '40's and oakland. the freezing mark in concord and livermore. coming in at 34 degrees. the temperatures going into the afternoon slightly cooler than what we enjoyed yesterday. again, oakland and afternoon high of 63 degrees. 61 expected in pleasanton. most spots are usually sitting in the mid to upper 50s this time of year. it will see mid to upper 50s in fairfield and antioch. this is not in concord. it will be warmer for hour south bay locations and for those of you situated along the coast. >> future cast 4 shows we have rain on the way. high pressure will break died and we will see more of a southerly wind coming off of the ocean. it will be cooler. rain is in the forecast as early as 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> most of the precipitation sticks north of the golden gate bridge. 12:00 p.m. light rain for the east bay shoreline, livermore valley and for those of you along the delta. >> the green indicating light rain however, some sports turn yellow indicating light rain. >> we could do with wet roadway for your evening commute home. >> your kron
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